Another Kuo Chao Shih Syndrome: Food Deficiency, IUGR/SGA: 65 years later!
by Tom Brewer, M.D.
January 1, 1997
Dr. Brewer recorded the following story in January, 1987. Ten years later, on December 26, 1996, he received a strikingly similar Hotline call, and added notes to reflect the changes in ten years…or rather the dismal lack thereof.

At 11:00 a.m., January 16, 1987, I received a Hotline call from a lady, Tina X, in a small, central California town, USA. She was terribly upset as she had just come back home from a prenatal visit with her private ob-gyn M.D. (the best in the area). She is 24 years old and 31 weeks pregnant, has a 2 year-old child (used “Lamaze natural childbirth”- birthweight 6 � lbs. - is normal). Tina is “white” and she is not in poverty.

Her problem: INTRAUTERINE GROWTH RETARDATION/SMALL FOR GESTATIONAL AGE FETUS (IUGR/SGA). She had just had an oxytocin stress test at the local hospital which was normal. Ultrasound showed her baby in the 34th percentile range for growth. What upset her so much, since she desired another “natural childbirth”: her Ob-Gyn M.D.’s plan for the management of her IUGR/SGA high risk pregnancy:

  1. Bed rest - “flat on your back until birth — get up only to go to the bathroom” (usually it’s “on your left side”).
  2. Weekly ultrasound and oxytocin stress test to “monitor fetal growth and health” (but never a suggestion to “increase” fetal growth and health!).
  3. Amniocentesis at 36 weeks for L/S ratio - “to determine fetal lung maturity”.
  4. C. Section if fetal lungs are “mature”. (Some doctors might recommend a premature induction with oxytocin.)
  5. Diet during pregnancy: “What’s that?” Diet, nutrition, foods, salt, water, malnutrition NEVER MENTIONED! (…and the same problem exists in January, 1997. OB clinics won’t bend an inch toward food and salt. They won’t even feed moms with twins more! Forget triplets, etc.!)

This otherwise competent Ob-Gyn M.D. in central California, USA, in January 1987, doesn’t “believe” that pregnancy diet has much to do with intrauterine fetal growth or lack thereof. He was trained to totally blackout the known role of maternal malnutrition (deficiencies of calories, high biological quality proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, including salt, NaCl, and water) in etiology of maternal liver dysfunction, hypoalbuminemia, hypovolemia, in IUGR/SGA of human fetuses here in “RICH CALIFORNIA, USA”.

He never asked her the FORBIDDEN QUESTION:

“WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN EATING?” Precious little, in Tina’s case.

Tina is 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighed 117 lbs. at conception. She suffered a lot of nausea and vomiting most of the first trimester. In her Ob-Gyn M.D.’s office January 16, 1987, she weighed 125 lbs. (sic) at 31 weeks: eight (8) pounds total weight gain. You don’t even need a California computer to figure this one out: 125 - 117 = 8.

Tina told me she is very “well-informed about nutrition” but she had never read any of our books or SPUN/NAG information. Her sister who had had a “Bradley/AAHCC Birth” referred her to me because this sister - NOT A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL (MD, RN, CNM, RD, Public Health worker), recognized that Tina was starving herself and her unborn baby. Tina had stopped eating bread, cereals, potatoes, pasta, sugar, i.e. carbohydrates, because she feared she “might have diabetes since they found some sugar in my urine earlier in my pregnancy.” But a GLUCOSE TOLERANCE TEST had been normal! The feat\r engendered by her M.D.’s anxiety over the dreaded “gestational diabetes” lingered in Tina’s mind. Nobody ever told her about CALORIE DEFICIENCY, nor about protein-calorie-salt-water-etc. lacks!

Fellow American, this is a classic in the AMA/ACOG Brother/Sisterhood “3-Ns” prenatal care: N-utritional N-onchalance & N-EGLECT brought to millions of pregnant women in the USA each year by the Transnational Pharmaceutical Industry (TPI) with full cooperation of the Silicon Valley California Industry, FDA, American Public Health Association, NIH, NAS/NRC. Modern perinatal medicine’s hi-tech, hi-risk regimen is founded on “we know nothing of the role of malnutrition in pregnancy” - such knowledge will cause it’s collapse!

But that was in 1987. What about today?

Still no “breakthrough”. (S.P.O. 15: Am. J. Ob. Gyn. 172:253-456, 1995, Jan. Part 2.)

750,000 eclampsiaA-convulsive-state:-an-attack-of-convuls... (MTLPMetabolic-Toxemia-of-Late-Pregnancy---th...) maternal deaths recorded last decade, global; “cause unknown”. (U.N./WHO/J. Hopkins’ “Progress of Nations, 1996″)

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