Lena Katz Grossman

Lena Katz Grossman, age 36, died November 13, 1986. Her baby boy, age 30 days, died in the NICU at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City, NY, USA. They died of starvation — in fashion and affluence.

Her story is told by her husband Ed Grossman in Readers’ Digest, July, 1999. p. 64-70. He wrote all you need to know about the etiology of Metabolic ToxemiaAs-defined-by-the-1997-Merriam-Webster-M... of Late Pregnancy…or “early pregnancy” in this case.

Why did Lena and her baby boy die? Pinard understood how to prevent their deaths in 1900!

…of discerning the presence of toxication; and the clinical results are there to show that the complete milk diet constitutes truly the prophylactique treatment of eclamptic seizures.
РLa Maternité, Paris Univ. A. Pinard. 1893-1900.

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