Sandy, an appreciative mom

and soon-to-be Childbirth Educator!

Dr. Brewer,

Thank you for all of your work — and your vision to give ladies the information to stop the disasters and craziness! I am being certified as a Childbirth Educator –I share that heart,too!

I have had both of my kids at home with midwives assisting me. Both biths were glorious — the first was 6 lbs,10oz, The second was 10lbs. Both pregnancies were fine, except that i was terribly sick for about the first 5 months. I carried both beyond term — 1 day, and 4 weeks respectively.

This year, I became pregnant with my third blessing. I miscarried at 15 weeks — a horrible, and very surprising experience for me. Throughout the pregnancy I was extremely hungry, and ate about every 20 minutes, dispite the fact that I was very nauseous. We are very healthy eaters, I think, Grinding our own wheat, making grain breads, etc.

Could you give me some wisdom on how to practically prepare for my next pregnancy - Contrary to what many tell me, I don’t believe miscarriage is as “normal” as so many say.

Thank you so much! Be blessed!


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