Kelly…healing from her loss, and helping others

(names have been changed)

Dear Tom,

Oh, this is so wonderful!!! A place to get your books so people can finally SEE for themselves. I talked to SH and JK last month and they sent me pictures of their beautiful healthy kids - kids that wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for You!

Little Anna born 6/1 is so precious. My daughter’s due date was 5/23 and I am having such a hard time now dealing with infants. I miss Hannah terribly but know that my next child will survive, thanks to you and also to a old book of Adele Davis’ I recently acquired.

I have sent a few more people your way recently. Many however continue to refuse to believe what I tell them. My most recent send was EE. She was very comforted and uplifted by her talk with you. She has hope again.

I have been meaning to call you but am working now at WIC for my county and giving all out pregnant clients a firm talk about the importance of nutrition. I have been so busy I barely have time for anything. I am also taking a course in nutrition.

I also wrote to Oprah Winfrey and asked her to do a show in this. If I don’t hear from her soon I will be sending a video as well! I refuse to be quiet about this - no one should be losing babies to this - it doesn’t have to happen.

I also suggested you as a speaker to the HELLP syndrome society, based out of Bethany, WV, for their Symposium 2000. I hope they contact you. The society was started by the B’s who lost their second child, a girl, to early onset PE and HELLP. Taylor was 2 lbs. at birth and lived about 6 weeks. They recently adopted a baby from Russia and are thrilled with her.

Anyhow, you take care! I will continue to try to spread the word! As your friend in Waltham said, “let those who have ears to hear, hear!”

Take care and God Bless!


P.S. still haven’t convinced my Dr. (Dr. Sibai’s pal) but am sending him this site :-)

Dear Tom,

I write you this Thanksgiving from Florida, where my parents live.

I mention this as I met SH and her wonderful husband and children Jonathan and Anna. Anna was born 6/1 and [my] Hannah had been due 5/23 so I didn’t know how I would do seeing this precious baby but I did well.

S is who first put me on the fast track to you. After losing her precious son Robbie who had severe cerebral palsy as a result of being such a preemie from preeclampsiaA-toxic-condition-developing-in-late-pre..., S, as you may recall, REVERSED preeclampsia in her pregnancy with Christopher following your diet and he was born at 41 weeks healthy as a horse. Anna was a 36 week-er and is doing great minus a case of the sniffles.

S’s husband works with my dad down here and that is how we came to meet. S told my mom about you and she called me one day breathless with excitement over a “Doctor in New England who knew the cure for preeclampsia”. So I called S and then you and the rest is history.

My nutritionist at WIC has showed a sincere interest in your research and I am giving her all I have to read. We recently had a young dad come in alone as his wife died of preeclampsia a couple months ago. A week later a lady came in who was in a coma from it who’s doctor blamed her preeclampsia on salt!!!!! Then I saw a young girl who was edemic and about 28 weeks and her doctor had told her that toxemiaAs-defined-by-the-1997-Merriam-Webster-M... was caused by salt and she would get it if she didn’t cut back on her potato chips!!!

I told that girl to keep eating her protein as her dietary score in that area was good and to salt her foods to taste, but that 3 bags of potato chips a day was not really a good idea. I explained to her about how she needs salt since she has more blood now but that she shouldn’t fill up on junk. She was happy to hear that and promised to eat healthier snacks.

I hope the updated versions of your books come out soon so I can mail them out to all those KZ’s!!! But you know, I don’t have a medical degree so what do I know (more than them, that’s for sure!).

We may start to try again in January and any advice is appreciated, I do have the 80’s version of your book as a well as What To Eat When You’re Expecting which also recommends 100 grams of protein everyday and to salt food to taste. If you haven’t reviewed it and decide to, I ‘d love to know what you think of it.

It is hard to face the Holidays without Hannah but at least I have hope now, if it wasn’t for you there would be no possibility of future children for my husband and I.

Take care and happy holidays!

mom to Hannah 2/9/99-3/1/99 

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