Gretchen, Midwife in Alabama

Dr. Brewer,

I am a midwife in Alabama, and I am currently supplementing my income by working for a doctor. He is a sweet guy, but we definitely disagree on many levels. He has given me charge of assisting any pregnant women who appear at our family practice clinic, and I am trying hard to help him understand the role of nutrition in pregnancy. He is quite convinced about nutrition, but does not understand the need for salt. He says that it doesn’t make any sense. He still believes in cutting back/out salt.

Would you please send me, either through e-mail or snail mail an actual description of the exact physiological process that occurs when a woman does not consume enough salt resulting in edemaSwelling,-water-retention,-puffiness.-(a... AND what happens when she does consume enough salt. I routinely insist on my pregnant women following your diet, and have always had healthy babies/moms in those that do. I love big fat healthy babies. Thanks for all you have doen for women and babies everywhere.

I met you at a NAPSAC conference in Chicago about 14 years ago. You have been a hero for a long time. God bless you.

Gretchen in Alabama

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