Beth, from Maine

Dear Dr. Brewer, It’s…been 13 years since you critically helped my pregnancy with our first of two sons.

If you remember me, I called you almost daily in 1986 when I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at about 7 1/2 months along. I used to call myself “Beth from Maine.” Our son, Max, was born September 1, 1986, at 4 pounds, 9 oz., and now he’s a BIG, strapping 13-year old!

Then in late ‘94 I got pregnant again at age 43, I took great vitamins and ate wonderful protein and SALT-TO-TASTE throughout the whole time, had a home birth and midwife (two, actually), and the best pregnancy and birth EVER! This boy was an even 6 pounds and started nursing right away. Now he’s a 4-year-old spoiled brat whom we all love dearly.

For many years, I’ve wondered where you were, and looked for you on the Internet many times. Finally, my friend Gracia Berrocal, the one who led me to you and your wife’s books in the first place, gave me the good news that she had FOUND you.

So, the message I want to say is THANK YOU AGAIN for saving my baby, for making me feel good about myself during my darkest days, and for helping so many people dispel the myths women have been living with and rebelling against for so many decades.

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