Gracia, on prenatal vitamins

Hi Dr. Brewer, Just want you to know you are my hero, and your wife Gail too.

Would like to alert you, or seek your opinion, on poor quality prenatal vitamins and health problems related to them.

My sister had prenatal care in Panama at the military hospital. The nurses and support people were cheerleaders for nutrition but Dr. derided their efforts.

Her prenatal vitamin was so awful: 1 mg. folic acid, 25 mg. zinc, 2 mg vit B-6 (last I knew B-6 worked with zinc to metabolize protein) and some red dye (really), and a huge amount of iron. She said she had trouble breathing a lot.

At 7 months gestation they removed the baby by cesarean, he would never nurse but he lived, with lots of health problems today. She is convinced it was something “genetic”.

I think she should sue the pants off the doctor. Why can’t we fight back like that? I know you will be vindicated someday.

Keep up the good fight,

Sincerely Gracia Berrocal

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