Peanuts…and Camembert Cheese

Nutrition Notes: A Word About Peanuts
…and Camembert Cheese

From: Gloria Lemay, Midwife

Dear Dr Brewer,

I am so happy to find the website and be able to send it to my birth clients. I am a busy homebirth attendant in Vancouver, BC, Canada. There are a couple of things that I would like to recommend an adjustment to on the site.

Instead of recommending peanut butter to women, I would like to see nut butters recommended. I believe that peanuts are not healthy for human consumption and that so many “bad” or “mouldy” peanuts go into the peanut butter that it deteriorates very quickly. Almond, cashew and sesame butters are much better for mom and baby and don’t have the allergies associated with them. Many people don’t understand that peanut butter has to be refrigerated after opening and it gets quite toxic in a short time according to food inspectors. [More on peanuts and peanut butter.]

The other thing I think should be deleted from your list is the camembert cheese. Much as I love to eat it myself, because of fear of listeriosis it is now recommended that pregnant women and older people stay away from soft cheeses.

I thought it was great that you have added so many protein combos for vegetarians. I wonder how soy milk, soy yogurt, kefir, goat milk, rice milk, etc. work into the plan. So many of my women will not consume dairy. They have an intolerance to lactose or just don’t believe that humans should consume the milk of another species.

Thanks for your ongoing work. You have certainly taught me a great deal and I never have women at term with high blood pressure.

Bless you.
Gloria Lemay

More on Peanuts…

From: Cheryl Grenon> But I’m hearing peanuts aren’t so healthy
> after all….???

It depends.

Organic peanuts are the way to go.

Inorganic peanuts which are used to make peanut butter are planted to soak up the toxic chemicals used to grow cotton. When the ground becomes too toxic to sustain cotton growth, then they plant peanuts and make them into peanut butter after harvest. Wish you didn’t ask? :o)


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