Kelp: An Alternative Source of Sodium

Nutrition Notes: Benefits of Kelp

Editor’s Note: This page was formerly subtitled “…an alternative to salt”; however, I have further investigated kelp, and feel the need to modify that statement. The real issue here for pregnant women is sodium (NaCl) which is an essential nutrient, i.e., life cannot exist without it. Kelp contains sodium, but it is a “low sodium salt alternative” containing about 45 mg. sodium per 1/2 tsp.

What you must understand as a pregnant woman is that your body requires sodium during pregnancy to maintain optimum health for you and your baby. Your body also has it’s own built-in sodium regulating mechanism: your taste buds. You may find that kelp does not satisfy like salt does….you may need much more of it to make your food taste good. The main thing is to listen to your body!! If you appreciate all the health benefits of kelp mentioned herein and wish to use it, by all means do so…but be sure that if your food still tastes flat you add enough kelp to make it taste good, or that you add some salt in addition to the kelp. Pregnant women should never decrease their sodium intake beyond what their body tells them they need. For more details on sodium in pregnancy, see our article on Pregnancy Induced Hypertension.

(Kimberly and I shared a brief email volley in which she mentioned prefering kelp over salt. She promised to share her knowledge with me, and I’m passing it on to you!)

Natural living and using God’s natural remedies to prevent and cure sickness and disease (not to mention that best seller He has out, chock full of practical Wisdom!) is a subject near and dear to my heart.

Kelp is a wonderful source of natural iodine. Here is what else I know about it:

  • It helps in rebuilding the thyroid gland if there is any indication of a problem; as well as being a good preventive medicine.
  • It is very rich in b-complex vitamins, vitamins D, E, and K, calcium and magnese.
  • It has cancer fighting properties.
  • Is anti-bacterial and anti-viral.
  • It kills the herpes virus and lowers blood and cholesterol levels.
  • It helps in maintaining health of the mucous membranes–and in treating arthritis, constipation, nervous disorders, rheumatism, colds, and skin conditions.

Now don’t we serve an Amazing God! I know you already know that, too….but I just like to say it!! :0)

The more I learn about health and the way things work, the more amazed I am at our Awesome and Merciful God.

We don’t Have to be Sick!!!!


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