Adolph Pinard knew the “secret” in Paris, 1900!

(page 13…Pinard) (begins final paragraph, p. 12)

Since 1873, the year in which this prophylactic treatment was first followed by all the pregnant women in the Maternity, the results have not varied. Those which I have recorded, in the thousands of albuminuric women in my service have been similar to those which I observed in 1873, when I was an intern of Stephen Tarnier. Although scientifically conducted observations - and I posses several of them - have revealed that a woman can have eclamptic seizures without having previously shown albumen in her urine during the course of her pregnancy…that proves only one thing: that there is never a rule without an exception. However, you must never be unaware of the woman, for it is the only means we have at the present time of discerning the presence of toxication; and the clinical results are there to show that the complete milk diet constitutes truly the prophylactic treatment of eclamptic seizures.

Therefore I can terminate what I wished to say to you about this subject with the following consoling sentence: If the nineteenth century did not arm obstetricians with the means of curing eclamptic seizures, at least the twentieth century provided sufficient weapons to prevent them. Progrès Reálisés En Obstétrique Pendant Le XIXe Siècle.
Extrait des Ann. De Gynécologia et d’Obstetrique, Déc. Paris (10-13), 1900 p. 13

All textbooks still teach toxemiaAs-defined-by-the-1997-Merriam-Webster-M... of pregnancy can not improve before birth, and cannot be prevented. It is a lie! They just don’t know how.

I refuse to believe that pregnant women can’t understand the role of dietary protein-calorie-salt-pure water lacks, and other dietary deficiencies in the cause of Metabolic Toxemia of Late Pregnancy.

Do the least! Teach women the truth!

~ Tom

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