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At last count, there were over 800 sites linking to! This kind and generous support from fans and friends of Dr. Brewer over the years has led to a Google PageRank of 4, and a consistent top-10 ranking on Google.

We are very pleased to announce our Directory of supportive websites and childbirth professionals, where parents-to-be can locate care providers and information sites that are supportive of the Brewer Diet.

While we can’t possibly confirm what each of these websites and professionals actually teaches or promotes in practice, we do manually confirm each link before it is added, to be sure there is a general sense of support for proper nutrition in pregnancy.

We would love to have your site in our directory, too! If you are currently linking to, feel free to submit your site for inclusion in the Directory.

If you’d like to link to, you can use the code below:

Plain Text Link:
<a href=""></a>

Plain Text Link: Brewer Diet
<a href="">Brewer Diet</a>

You may download these badges for use on your site. Please do NOT link directly to them.

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