If You Are Pregnant

The Dangers of Bad Diet

Forty years of medical research has proved that bad diets during pregnancy cause:

  1. Stillborn babies.
  2. Low birth weight or premature babies.
  3. Brain damaged babies with less intelligence.
  4. Hyperactive babies with more irritability.
  5. Infection-prone babies with more illness.

A good diet will protect your baby from these troubles. Bad diets cause diseases in mothers too:

  1. Metabolic ToxemiaAs-defined-by-the-1997-Merriam-Webster-M... of Late Pregnancy (MTLPMetabolic-Toxemia-of-Late-Pregnancy---th...) - a disease caused by not enough good quality proteins and vitamins in the diet. Women with MTLP suffer convulsions or “fits”, coma, heart failure, shock, fat in their livers, bleeding into their livers, and often death for both mother and baby. It is estimated that in the United States 30,000 babies die each year of MTLP and thousands more live with damage to their brains. They suffer cerebral epilepsy and other nervous system disorders. A good diet will protect you and your baby from MTLP.
  2. Anemias (”low blood”) - caused by not enough iron, vitamins and/or proteins in the diet. A good diet will protect you from anemias.
  3. Abruption of the Placenta - a disease in which the placenta (or “afterbirth”) breaks loose inside the mother’s womb, often before labor begins. The mother bleeds, and the baby dies in 50% of the cases. A good diet will protect you and your baby from Abruption of the Placenta.
  4. Severe infections of the lungs, kidneys and liver. A good diet will protect you and your baby from severe infections.
  5. Miscarriage - if the mother does not have a good diet, the placenta grows imperfectly and cannot meet the needs of the developing baby, and a miscarriage results. A good diet will protect you and your baby from miscarriages.

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