Progressive Aphorisms for Blue Ribbon Pregnancy

Dedicated to the memory of the late Agnes C. Higgins, Montreal, P.Q, Canada. (d. 1985)

by Tom Brewer, M.D. San Francisco, USA
August 3, 1985
Revised Christmas, 1996

Aphorism No. 1
A message to every pregnant woman on earth, at all times.
In memory of
Mary Ann McCarthy.

“Eat right for your pregnancy all through gestation, (working mothers, underweight mothers, mothers with twins, NEED MORE!). And salt your food to taste, and drink water to thirst, and NO HARMFUL DRUGS (doctor-prescribed, over-the-counter, street)…or RISK DEATH! (Obstet. Gynecol. 66:99, 1985, July.)

Aphorism No. 2
In response to Mauriceau’s Aphorism No. 229, 1684 A.D., Paris.
See Chesley, Leon C. Clinical Obstet. Gynecol. 27:801-820, 1984. December.)

“The well-fed, well-salted, well-watered, NON-DRUGGED PRIMIGRAVIDA NEVER DEVELOPS ECLAMPSIAA-convulsive-state:-an-attack-of-convuls... (metabolic toxemiaAs-defined-by-the-1997-Merriam-Webster-M... of late pregnancy–MTLPMetabolic-Toxemia-of-Late-Pregnancy---th...).”

Aphorism No. 3

“The malnourished, toxic-drugged MULTIPARA, of any age or parity, often develops eclampsia (MTLP).”

Aphorism No. 4

“The well-fed, well-salted, well-watered, NON-DRUGGED pregnant lady with ‘essential’ and/or ‘anxiety’ blood pressure rise (”hypertension”) NEVER DEVELOPS SUPERIMPOSED MTLP (eclampsia). (Brit. J. Ob. Gyn. 92:714, 1985, July.)

Aphorism No. 5

“The well-fed, well-salted, well-watered, NON-DRUGGED pregnant lady often develops water retention (”edemaSwelling,-water-retention,-puffiness.-(a...” or “oedema”) and blood pressure rise (”hypertension”) and protein in her urine (”albuminuria”) and “excessive weight gain” which are mistakenly diagnosed as “pre-eclampsia.”

Aphorism No. 6

“Clinical medicine recognizes no such disease entity as ‘Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension (PIH); blood pressure rise is merely a clinical sign.”

Aphorism No. 7

“The EDC (Expected Date of Confinement) or EDD (Estimated Due Date) of the well-fed, well-salted, well-watered pregnant lady is ten days to two weeks past the traditional EDC of pregnant ladies on blind weight limitations, low calorie, low salt diets and harmful, liver-toxic, [blood] volume-depleting drugs.”

Aphorism No. 8

The well-fed, well-salted, well-watered, NON-DRUGGED pregnant lady can have a normal, healthy pregnancy and produce a healthy, full-term baby over a wide range of total weight gain and with many different ‘patterns of weight gain’.”

Aphorism No. 9

“Pregnancy creates special nutritional stress for every woman, and this stress increases in a quantitative sense every day until birth. Twins, triplets, etc. create even greater nutritional stress.”

Aphorism No. 10

“Over 99% of the food, salt. water and oxygen which provide life and growth for the baby in the uterus (womb) arrive through one small umbilical vein in the baby’s cord; the sources of the food, salt and water are the mother’s diet/GI tract, and the source of the oxygen is the mother’s lungs. All such nutrients are transported to the placenta in the mother’s blood stream.”

Aphorism No. 11

“It is not healthy for the pregnant lady to go even 24 hours without good foods, salt and water…or one minute without oxygen.”

Aphorism No. 12

“The well-fed, well-salted, well-watered, NON-DRUGGED, non-diabetic pregnant lady often produces a BLUE RIBBON BABY weighing nine (9) pounds or more; doctors often view this healthy baby as a diseased baby and make the medical diagnosis of MACROSOMIA (Obstet. Gynecol. 66:158, 1985, August.)

Aphorism No. 13

“Few ‘health professionals’ in the Western World, especially in the U.S.A., Canada. U.K. and most of Europe, know anything in the 20th century about the roles of good nutrition/malnutrition in human pregnancy health/disease; hence every pregnant lady who wants to remain in good health and produce a healthy, full-term baby MUST TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR CORRECT EATING, SALTING, WATERING AND NON-DRUGGING INTO HER OWN HANDS, ideally with the support of her family, her childbirth educator and her midwife.

Aphorism No. 14

“Lack of enough good food to eat, salt and water (”Malnutrition”) and/or the use of HARMFUL DRUGS (doctor-prescribed, over-the-counter, or street) are the major causes of premature, low birth weight, born-sick, born-dehydrated, born-de-salted, born-drugged, born-brain-damaged babies in the U.S.A. and worldwide.”

Aphorism No. 15

“Science, as well as making space flight and H-bombs possible, when applied in routine human pregnancy care, can protect mothers and babies from the ravages of malnutrition and HARMFUL DRUGS, and thus make possible for the large majority of women on earth healthy pregnancy ending at term with production of a healthy BLUE RIBBON BABY.”

Aphorism No. 16

“Metabolic toxemia of late pregnancy (MTLP) Is a disease of malnutrition easily prevented today.”

Aphorism No. 17

“Never assume pregnancy dietary ADEQUACY.”

Reference: Thomas H. Brewer, M.D.: METABOLIC TOXEMIA OF LATE PREGNANCY A Disease of Malnutrition. New Canaan, CT., Keats Publishing, Inc. 1982.

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