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Typical Prenatal Diets


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3 Responses to “Typical Prenatal Diets”

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    Gail S. Says:

    I wanted to tell you that when I was in Target last night, I decided to see what they had in the pregnancy book section. I picked up a book and turned to the nutrition-in-pregnancy chapter. You guys are right–they encourage mothers to eat one item of food and count it toward fulfilling two requirements. Sigh.

    I went to the Macomb County Health Department and Michigan Department of Health Web sites in order to see whether they had information about what pregnant mothers should be eating. I found almost nothing and misinformation. What I did find was buried. The dearth of useful, good nutrition information is disheartening.

    Gail S.

  2. 2
    Steve (proud father of 2 babies) Crooks Says:

    When my wife was pregnant for the first time we were amazed at the amount of bad nutritional guidance she received. We learnt more from research on the internet than we did from the health establishment. It is such an important subject for pre natal mothers.

  3. 3
    Jenny Hatch Says:

    Gail S.

    When are you going to republish the Brewer Pregnancy Hotline? I really want to be able to send people to it who come to my blog and web site.

    Please let me know! That book is a masterpiece and I ate the diet perfectly during my fifth pregnancy, and came up with the most healthy beautiful boy!

    Please let us know when it will be coming out again!

    Jenny Hatch

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