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Thank you, Dr. Brewer!

Over the years, many mothers have written to Dr. Brewer telling him how much they appreciate his personal assistance, and how they have experienced their healthiest pregnancies ever while using his diet. We have published a few of those letters here.  If you would like to add your story, we would love to include it on the website. Just scroll to the end and leave a comment.


Please Note: Comments are always held for moderation. This website is a tribute to Dr. Brewer's lifetime of selfless effort to improve maternity care for women, and is intended to assist women who desire a healthier pregnancy through good nutrition. Only comments which are in accordance with the goals of this website will be approved. Thank you for understanding. :)

18 Responses to “Thank you, Dr. Brewer!”

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    Ava Says:

    I just found your blog on the google search engine and saw a few of your other posts that you had done . I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the great work. i will Look forward to reading more from you again.

  2. 17
    Emily Says:

    Can you provide more information on this? i have read other websites that are on similar subjects.

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    sue Says:

    I just found your blog on the google search engine and saw a few of your other posts that you had done . I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the great work. i will Look forward to reading more from you again.

  4. 15
    Helen Says:

    I am a Lactation Consultant. I direct women to this website regularly, and my grown children promote the Brewer Diet to their friends (and sometimes to perfect strangers). I have seen first hand how even beginning to follow the diet later in a pregnancy can normalize blood pressure, reduce edema, and improve the overall health of the mother. The results speak for themselves.

  5. 14
    Jennifer B. Says:

    I just want to say what a great help following Dr. Brewer’s diet has been for me in my two pregnancies. For my first child, I ate at least 80 grams of protein every single day and a had a healthy 8lb 10oz baby. For my second pregnancy, I ended up with twins. I attended local mothers of multiples meeting, and I the typical story was of pre-term, sickly babies, bed-rest in pregnancy, low birthweights, delayed development, ect. I was determined that this would not be my story. From when I found out about the twins, about 16 weeks, I followed the Brewster diet for multiples, paying special attention to protein requirements, and making certain that I had at least 120-150 grams of protein each day. I had to eat many small snacks throughout the day to consume that large volume of food, and ended many a day licking peanut butter off a spoon, just to make sure I had all the protein I needed. It definitely paid off-I remained healthy and active-I even kept working at my desk job until I was at 30 weeks. I continued to go for walks and run errands until the very end of my pregnancy. I ended up carrying the twins until 37 weeks! They weighed in at 6lb 0oz and 5 lb 8 oz. They were perfectly healthy, no complications, no troubles nursing, and they went home the same time as me.

  6. 13
    Sharon Johnson Says:

    I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my first child. My doctor sent me to a nutritionist to decide on a diet that would work for me. I did not realise it then, but that nutritionist put me on the Brewer Diet! It worked so well that I had no further sugar level issues. I decided to go by memory and eat the same way during my second pregancy. I was told I always had good sugar levels then. By my 4th pregancy, sadly, I had become cocky and lazy and forgetful of how much the diet helped in the past. From the 32 week, I was troubled with threats of early labor which would have happened if a midwife friend had not sugested an herb to help keep the baby in. She also suggested the Brewer Diet, but I was skeptical. Somehow I never made the connection that I had follwed the Brewer Diet successfully already. My fifth pregnancy was a nightmare that ended with a scary trip to the doctor’s office with a sudden blood pressure of 201/100 and a diagnosis that soon became eclampsia. After a series of seizures culminated in a 6 minute grand mal sesiezure, I was induced. I was 26 weeks and 3 days gestation. 112 days later, our son, Daniel, died of Biliary Atresia. I am convinced that this deformity could have also been changed if I had eaten better. I got busy with four active kids and I ate mostly noodles with sauce. This story does not end with a sad note, though. One month after our son died, we became pregant again. Over 35 and with a history of GDM and eclampsia, I was considered very high risk at that point. I remembered the things my midwife friend had told me so I decided to research Dr. Brewer’s diet. I found that it was so similar to how I had eaten back when I was younger and healthier. I immediately began eating the way Dr. Brewer suggested. I also tested my own blood pressure at various times throughout the days. Still a skeptic at heart, I tried a couple times to drift off the Brewer diet. Each time I did that, my blood pressure shot up! Scared into belief, I kept to the diet from that point forward. My bp stayed at amazing numbers. I averaged 72/66. That was my healthiest pregnancy by far! I felt wonderful and my bp stayed at beautiful numbers. I tested my own sugars at home to avoid the sugar shocking at the office and all my numbers were wonderful. Best of all, at 37 weeks and 3 days, I gave birth to a beautiful boy at home! Matthew was somewhere over 8 pounds (we did not weigh him for day because we just wanted to hold him)and so healthy. I continue to have no problems with diabetes or blood pressure now almost five years later. This is a late thanks but a well-deserved one. I am thankful that Dr. Brewer endured skeptics and unknowing souls like me to get the word out that good nutrition is the base of miracles! Thank you a thousand times over! Thank you for putting yourselves on the line to speak the simple but unbelieved truth. I will now shout the truth with the other midwives and mothers who know! I want to be in the revolution that is trying to help mothers learn what it took far too much agony for me to learn.
    Sharon in KS

  7. 12
    Patty Says:

    My first pregnancy, I made a feeble attempt at the brewer diet, and only began it about halfway through my pregnancy. I was working on my feet at a coffee shop and walking to the bus to get to work: I was expending a lot of calories. And I was often living off the “mark-outs” at the coffee shop — day old pastries, mainly. I was not checking off anything on a daily basis. And obviously, I was consuming caffeine.

    We moved when I was 8 months pregnant, and I think that was the last straw for my body. A couple of weeks later I was put on bed rest to keep my blood pressure under control, and a few days after that, I was sent to the hospital for a non-stress test. My results were normal, so I was allowed to return home, and my body went into labor naturally a couple of days later. I delivered a 6′13″ baby 10 days early who was a frantic nurser, and we had months of nursing difficulties.

    My second pregnancy, I was determined not to feel horrible the whole time. I consumed copious amounts of salt (as my wonderful doctor assured me was ok to do — though I salted my foods the first time around, I don’t think I really gave myself permission to listen to my taste for it). I know I didn’t always get all the vegetable requirements checked off and I probably ate too many carbs, but I know I nearly always got the required amounts of milk, eggs, and protein (usually meat). Around 15 or 20 weeks, I noticed that I was beginning to have heart palpitations or a raised heart rate that would continue long after any exertion had ceased, so my doctor and I determined that I should cut out caffeine (still had to have my decaf, though!) and that seemed to be the answer to that problem.

    My blood pressure was always good. My urine tests were always acceptable. My swelling was not excessive, and whenever it started to frighten me, I made sure to get more salt (taking it by the half-teaspoonful if necessary) and that would take care of it. I was active throughout my entire pregnancy, although I rested often and whenever I felt I needed too: I did not push myself.

    On my due date, I was enormous, but I walked around a nearby conservatory with my husband and toddler. (My response to “When are you due?” elicited plenty of surprise.) My baby came four days late and was 8′12″ and a fantastic, contented nurser.

    Though I believe babies’ temperments have plenty to do with their personalities outside of the womb, I am sure that my relaxed state and good diet were some help to my second baby. And I KNOW that my wonderful second pregnancy is attributed to my salt intake and my diet. Thank you Dr. Brewer (and my doctor, Dr. Rosi)!!

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    Yeast Infection During Pregnancy Says:

    This is awesome! During my pregnancy, i suffered relentless yeast infections. I’m so glad I found this diet plan to show me a healthy way to avoid such pitfalls. Great info, great insight, great job!

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